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The Way to the European Standards: Ukraine Improves Work of Small and Medium Business

Ukrainian officials in cooperation with European structures somehow have an access to regulatory documents, standards, rules and procedures of the EU and want to implement such rules and standards to the domestic Ukrainian law. Recent projects of changes in legislation concern primarily small and medium business, as this business actively uses organizational and legal forms […]

Innovations of Ukrainian Law on Protection of Minority Owners of Corporate Rights

For all people who have run business in Ukraine, it is not a secret that minority owners of corporate rights (shareholders, members of business partnerships) have very few effective tools to protect their rights. The absence of such legal instruments has resulted in numerous cases of companies or majority shareholders abuse by the governing bodies […]

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Requirements to the Name of Entities in Ukraine

Every new legal entity (company) must have its own name, as being unnamed the company cannot be separated from the thousands of other companies, it cannot open its own bank account, enter a contract, etc. In addition, the company name is a very important part of the business, because thanks to their names companies can […]

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Business Acquisition by Foreign in Ukraine: Basic Errors

Business acquisition is a complex and long process that can confound even the most experienced businesspersons, because different business aspects, legal aspects, and human factors are important. The process of business acquisition in another country is of particular difficulty. This article describes the major errors / omissions in business acquisition in Ukraine, although, of course, […]

101 Best Inspirational Quotes For Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re in the early stages of your start-up or looking for some inspiration to keep going, we’ve compiled 101 kickass quotes for entrepreneurs. Remember when starting your own company, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. 1. “Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.” […]

Buying a Business: Evaluation of the Benefits and Risks of the Operation

There is no doubt that for some people, buying an existing business is more advantageous than starting a business from scratch. And not the least reason for this decision lies in the fact that few people want to start from scratch and therefore prefers that someone had made a great part of the original work, […]

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The Most Common Form for Starting a Business in Ukraine

In this article we will discuss the most common form of starting business in Ukraine, according to current legislation of Ukraine, which provides a number of legal forms for the establishment of the enterprise. Prospective investor can choose any of the possible: • full liability partnership; • limited partnership; • limited liability partnership; • additional […]

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Business Inheritance in Ukraine

Most people sooner or later face a question of inheritance. The fact of close person’s death is stressful for most people, and, therefore, the question of inheritance registration can be quite difficult to solve. In addition, if real estate or movable property inheritance issues are more or less regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine, […]

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