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Education System and Training for Non-residents in Ukraine

Ukraine has made significant steps in developing of national education system. The system of education in Ukraine includes pre-school and higher education as well. Ukrainian universities are present in European and world educational space, take part in Bologna process, etc. In Ukraine, there is a large number of facilities and institutions I Ukraine. Ukrainian educational […]

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Tax Treatment of Non-residents in Ukraine

Contraction: Tax Code of Ukraine – TC of Ukraine State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and organizational chart – SFS Procedure for taxation of income paid to a non-resident or his permanent establishment is determined by section 160 of Tax Code of Ukraine which regulates the relationship between non-residents and tax payers of income – residents […]

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Distant Trade in Ukraine of the Companies – Non-residents: Features of Tax Regulation

Experts declare that the market of distance selling is rapidly growing: being able to get to the customer in the most inaccessible point, the distance selling is taking off in Ukraine. A number of significant advantages over traditional trading allows the distance selling to increase the volumes. Companies specializing in distance selling use all possible […]

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Acknowledgement of Paternity in Ukraine: Legal Aspects

Modern development of the world is marked by active human migration. People are actively moving around the world, start new relationships, sometimes contract formal marriages, give birth to children etc. These trends are also common for Ukraine. With active migration there are some cases when a father is not present in the country when the […]

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The Availability of Assisted Reproductive Technologies for Single Persons. Legal Aspects

The development of modern medicine and science makes many things, which previously seemed fantastic, available. Especially noticeable progress is in the field of assisted reproductive technologies in general and surrogate motherhood in particular. Ukraine is one of a few countries where surrogacy is permitted by law, and Article 123 of the Family Code sets the […]

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Particularity of Receipt of the Citizenship of Ukraine. Laws and Regulations

To obtain citizenship in any country you have to know the bureaucratic procedures, correct filing of documents, knowledge of laws of the country. It is a long process and troublesome task, it is quite difficult for non-residents due to legal formalities, ignorance of the language and features of the procedures. Passports of Ukraine is the […]

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Prospects of the Market of Organic Products in Ukraine. Legal Aspects

Ukraine is a country with the largest reserves of high-quality fertile land, therefore the development of the agro-industrial sector of the economy is significant, and the percentage of agricultural products in general GNP is quite high. At the same time, in recent years not only traditional market of agricultural products, but also market of organic […]

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Patent Wars and Patent Trolling an Ukraine: Legal Aspects

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets in today’s world, and the value of many businesses that are working with intellectual property are often much larger than the classical asset. Intellectual property is increasingly becoming the subject of unlawful harassment, violation of patent rules, patent wars and sometimes outright abuses in this area […]

Using of Facsimile in Business Practice in Ukraine

Facsimile (from Latin fac simile – “make alike”) is a reproduction of any original graphic (manuscripts, drawings, designs, prints, signatures, monograms) transmitting it quite accurately, with all details. Using the facsimile in business practice is reasonable in those cases when you create a large number of primary documents, such as invoices, statements, specifications to the […]

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Ukraine vs Russia. The Beginning of Legal Wars

On October 21, 2015, Ukraine sent the claim to the World Trade Organization against the Russian Federation, which put forward the issue for the imposition of Russian limitations on the supply of rail cars, switch equipment for railways and other products in the industry, because of which revenues of Ukrainian companies have fallen to 96%. […]

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