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How to Travel Abroad with Children from Ukraine

International marriages are not unusual. Many Ukrainians marriage foreigners and have children in such marriages. So, sometimes there is a need to travel with children abroad in such international couples. Circumstances for such trips can be different: it is a vacation trip, or, in case of the existence of international marriage, it is the need […]

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Risk allocation in treaty obligations

Mandatory and conscientious fulfillment of assumed contractual obligations is the aim of any transaction. However, the specificity of such relationship shows that at the stage of execution of the obligation against the will of any of the parties may be circumstances (events) leading to a breach of contractual obligations. The danger of different kinds of […]

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How to protect and save assets that remained in Crimea

Many Ukrainian companies and foreign owners have owned assets in Crimea. Because of the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation quite difficult issues about protecting or rescuing these assets appear. One of the main obstacles for saving business assets is the fact that Ukraine has closed access to all state registries about the […]

Recovery of alimony in Ukraine from persons living abroad

Today, international marriages have become common and not rare events. In most cases, marriage to a foreigner causes relocation abroad. It can happen that cohabitation is terminated and Ukrainian women return home to Ukraine, often they come back with children. Also, there are cases when Ukrainian men go abroad to work or study while their […]

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Risks for foreigners when obtaining Ukrainian citizenship or residency permit

Ukraine is now quite good country to immigrate, especially for Middle East citizens who move to Ukraine to have better work. Also, many students from other countries decide to remain in Ukraine after finishing university. Other foreigners are attracted by possibility of opening their own business in Ukraine. Often Ukraine is considered as a good […]

IT-startups in Ukraine: It’s Time to Start

Ukraine, as a potential country for doing business, is often discussed by foreign investors, despite the fact that the ratings of favorable legal environment of Ukraine is not too high. The main reason for the low ratings of favorable investment climate in Ukraine is corruption and overly regulated legal regulation of business. In fact the […]

How to avoid a fraud adopting a child from Ukraine

The procedure of adoption of a child from Ukraine is complicated, expensive and long. Ukrainian legislation makes the process of adoption transparent as much as possible, candidates must prove their welfare and reputation (in the broadest sense of these words) to exclude the possibility of adoption by dishonest and careless parents. Also, in the process […]

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