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Is it legal to write a secondary Ukrainian business contracts in English?

According to the widely common international practices, originals of the most important documents should be executed in more than one language which are native for each of the participants of the agreement. In such a manner, all the parties of the international agreement should clearly understand and accept the essence and conditions of document to […]

If your debtor is a resident of Ukraine

Debt collection is a complicated juridical procedure, especially if your debtor is in the other country. Along with the already familiar problems there are some additional aspects (like linguistic barrier, country’s specific legislation). It seems nearly impossible, but it can be solved easily. To solve the problem, a foreign businessman needs Ukrainian lawyers’ help. Foreign […]

Escrow – a new tool for doing business in Ukraine

A matter of trust in business has a very valuable. It is no exaggeration to say that many good bargains are not made because of doubts that counterparties fulfill all the conditions. For example, in the case of contract of sale the seller is not sure he would get money for the sold goods and […]

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The Lost heritage: the problem of protecting the rights of interested heirs

Last time the world becomes more globalized, people actively move in search of better or more interesting work, look for a more comfortable place for living or the country where their children can get great perspective in life. But such activity is popular among young people. People of ripe years over 50 years almost never […]

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Limitation in international trade

One of the legal instruments and security accreditation of the rights and interests of the parties in the liability is the mechanisms of judicial protection and /or arbitration. But these mechanisms have their own characteristics and aspects that are important to know to protect your interests effectively. Thus, the important aspect is the limitations, in […]

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Surrogate mother from Ukraine: Law grounds

It is not a secret that an average childbearing age in the developed countries has significantly increased. Many people in developed countries live for a long time “for him(her)self” and star thinking about children only at the age of 40. And if such an age is not a problem for a man, a woman, even […]

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Arbitration: your counterparty is a resident of Ukraine

It’s not a secret that all major international instruments in the field of international commercial arbitration are integrated into Ukrainian legislation. Particularly, Ukraine, as the successor of the USSR, is the co-signatory of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York, 1958) and the European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration […]

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What to do to quickly close the business in Ukraine

Ukraine, as one of the largest countries in Europe, with over 40 million citizens, has been and is potentially attractive for business. Some western companies, especially last ten years, have opened in Ukraine many joint companies or subsidiaries. Some business was fine, someone had not suspected result. As a result, foreign investors had liabilities: a […]

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Attractive and reliable investments in Ukrainian financial sector for foreigners

Ukraine is a democratic country with European values. Many foreign investors have considered Ukraine as a growth market in different business fields. Although on the world stage Ukraine is positioned as a high risk country, there are many possibilities of high returns on investments. Despite the news reports about the political and economic instability in […]

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Cross-border cooperation with Ukrainian constitute

According to definition the cooperation is the process of groups of organisms working or acting together for their mutual benefit. Among one of the sophisticated types of international relations is cross-border cooperation. The cross-border cooperation in its actions submits the implementation of common programmes in different fields such as economic, social, scientific, technological, ecological, cultural […]

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