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What The Foreign Parents Should Know?

International marriages have become very often in modern society. The informational era of development presupposes the process of fast globalization and destroying all the borders between countries and peoples of the world. Ukraine is not an exception: Ukrainian women create families with the men from the Western Europe and the USA. Quite often, these marriages […]

Новости Кидалов и партнеры

Attractive and reliable investments in Ukrainian financial sector for foreigners

Ukraine is a democratic country with European values. Many foreign investors have considered Ukraine as a growth market in different business fields. Although on the world stage Ukraine is positioned as a high risk country, there are many possibilities of high returns on investments. Despite the news reports about the political and economic instability in […]

The start of business in Ukraine

Every country seeks to develop and support the business in its territory, because of their economic status, as it is the basis of the state’s economy. Ukraine is not an exception, so the development and support of the business became an important issue for the government. To start business in Ukraine is not so difficult […]

Новости Кидалов и партнеры

Inheritance for foreigners in Ukraine

Every year, the borders between cities, countries and even continents cease to be a major obstacle for people who crave actively moving to new places. Everyone has their own reasons. Somebody looks for high salary or hurries to build successful career, somebody wants to get new knowledge, while others seek a new life in search […]

Новости Кидалов и партнеры

New opportunities to earn: passive profit in Ukraine

It is not a secret that in different countries the cost, availability and profitability of financial resources placement are vary considerably. This situation allows not to have large, but stable and guaranteed profit to any entrepreneur. So in economically developed countries, the cost of financial resources is 4-5% per year (EUR, USD). At the same […]

Новости Кидалов и партнеры

“Lost” property

At the first glance, the question itself seems to be a little bit absurd: how can you lose the property? But the reality is often such that absurdity can become true For example many Ukrainian citizens go to work abroad, some stay there for a very long time. At the time of departure few people […]

Love on-line/off-line

Phrase “We met on the internet” more often replaces the familiar “Our friends have acquainted us”, “or” We met at work.” Growing circulation of the Internet space absorbs real life. The simple human emotions such as love, friendship, hate, joy are not exceptions: All these we carry on “our” pages in personal diaries, blogs or […]

Новости Кидалов и партнеры

Secrecy as an essential factor of corporate security

Maintaining secrecy of key factors related to enterprise assets is a crucial instrument of asset protection by the owner. In most cases, information about the owner of a certain asset or the person or entity controlling it is the first step towards planning a takeover of this asset by hostile persons. An attempt of illegal […]

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