If your debtor is a resident of Ukraine

Debt collection is a complicated juridical procedure, especially if your debtor is in the other country. Along with the already familiar problems there are some additional aspects (like linguistic barrier, country’s specific legislation). It seems nearly impossible, but it can be solved easily. To solve the problem, a foreign businessman needs Ukrainian lawyers’ help. Foreign businessmen usually ask their native lawyers to solve their problems. But it will be much more profitable to work with Ukrainian lawyer organizations. There are specific aspects of work in all spheres, and Ukraine is not an exception: Ukrainian lawyers are very good in their native legislation and they are quite familiar with their legal environment. Those aspects of legal activities that can be difficult to foreign lawyer will not be a barrier for their Ukrainian colleagues. So, even at high prices foreign lawyers will be less effective than Ukrainian.

You have to know that there are some particular services that can be provided by Ukrainian lawyers only. Only native lawyers can check the material and financial statuses of the Ukrainian debtor using not only open sources but looking for some extra information. Only Ukrainian lawyers know the ways how a debtor can abuse their rights to evade the repayment of a debt, so they can apply some countermeasures. Also Ukrainian lawyers know what to do, if a non-resident person wants to enforce the decision of the International Commercial Arbitration within the territory of Ukraine and this experience can be extremely useful. For this reason it is usually worth hiring a Ukrainian lawyer as an outside consultant in those questions.

There is another advantage of Ukrainian lawyers: terms of work. While foreign lawyer has to solve your problems on Ukrainian territory working remotely, Ukrainian lawyers have direct access to a debtor, courts or other state agencies, and that makes the solution of your problem much faster. You should not also forget about useful contacts: unlike their foreign colleagues Ukrainian lawyers possess required business relations and connections. The price for the services of Ukrainian lawyers is lower in comparison to their western colleagues. This is due to the fact that the prices in Ukraine are lower than in Europe. Moreover, Ukrainian lawyers accept the success compensation, so, a client will not need to collect much money for litigation payments.

There is also the other fact to be mentioned: attitude to work. During last few years foreign investors reduced their trust in Ukraine due to the corruption that prevailed in the country. Most of them thought that doing business in Ukraine was a risky and unfavorable step. After the power shift in the country, government set a course to the restoration of confidence to Ukraine from western countries. Ukrainian lawyers will be proud to help foreign clients in solving their legal problems, while it will be just business for western lawyers. High motivation and focus on success are two aspects that characterize Ukrainian lawyers nowadays. Foreign clients are desirable for them also because of higher solvency in comparison to Ukrainian clients.

The qualification of Ukrainian lawyers is wrongly considered to be low. We want to note that the level of legal education in Ukraine is decent. Before becoming a practitioner graduates have a traineeship for a long time. Also, the rivalry in this sphere is very high as the market individually eliminates low-qualified workers. Anyway, if you doubt in competence of a lawyer you can provide a meeting with him to be sure in his professional skills and competence.

Efficiency is the key point of any business. And Ukrainian law companies are ready to solve your problems, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Author: Kydalov Igor

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It is a good article and good law firm. This firm is small but it provides fast and quality services. And its fee is smaller that fee in famous and ju

Dec 19, 2015 by T.B.

It is a good article and good law firm. This firm is small but it provides fast and quality services. And its fee is smaller that fee in famous and jumped-up law firms.

Kydalov & Partners , USA 4.0 4.0 1 1 It is a good article and good law firm. This firm is small but it provides fast and quality services. And its fee is smaller that fee in famous and jumped-up law firms.

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