Legal services for legal entities – non-residents

Legal services for individuals – non-residents

We offer a wide range of legal services to non-resident companies, representative offices of foreign companies, as well as non-resident individuals.
Legal services for legal entities – non-residents:
  • Legal support of investment in the economy of Ukraine, advice on investment for non-residents;
  • Legal support of acquisition of corporate and property rights, real estate, items of intellectual property, etc.;
  • Development of financing structures for non-residents of entrepreneurial activity and investment projects in Ukraine;
  • Support for the development and selection of the optimum scheme of economic activity in Ukraine;
  • Checking the reliability of potential Ukrainian partners, collection of information about their financial and technological creditworthiness;
  • Search for dishonest Ukrainian partners, assessment of the prospects of recovery of debt, assessment of the possibility of bringing the executives to legal responsibility, including criminal;

  • Representation at meetings of shareholders/participants of Ukrainian companies with foreign shareholders/participants;
  • Representation in court with Ukrainian companies, including international commercial arbitration;
  • Advice on corporate, commercial, tax, labor, customs legislation of Ukraine;
  • Registration, liquidation and reorganization of enterprises with foreign capital in Ukraine, as well as representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine;
If necessary, we provide support for search and selection of nominees and executives.
Legal services for individuals - non-residents:
  • purchase of corporate rights of Ukrainian enterprises;
  • establishment of an enterprise with a founder that is a non-resident individual;
  • dissolution of marriage with the citizens of Ukraine (to get more information go to the web-page Services for individuals);
  • family disputes

    , alimony payment(to get more information go to the web-page Services for individuals);

  • search for people, contractors, security clearance, etc.;
  • other services;

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