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Collision Aspects of Foreclosure Upon the Share of a Participant in LLC

Nowadays Ukrainian legislation differentiates the property and liabilities of a legal entity, limited companies as well, and the natural person`s (who is a member of such a company) property and personal obligations. However, according to the article 149 of the Civil code of Ukraine, the foreclosure upon the share of a limited company, which is […]

How to Get Profit from Investment in Property in Ukraine – a Guide for Investors

The real estate market of Ukraine is still very promising, despite the presence of conflict in the eastern part of the country. Especially if it is viewed from the perspective of investing by non-residents: the volume of potential investments in one facility is rather low, as for investors from Western countries, short payback periods, the […]

The Legal Way for a Non-resident to Pay in Currency Buying Property in Ukraine

Recently, more and more foreigners are considering a possibility to buy property in Ukraine, particularly in large and popular among foreigners cities like Lviv and Kyiv, as capital investment or as a place of temporary residence. One reason for this purchase is that real estate in Ukraine has very attractive price and there is an […]

Antiraid Legislation Improvement in Ukraine

The problem of raiding on business or property is peculiar for all markets, especially for developing ones. Therefore, the goal of legislators in any country is the introduction of legal instruments that would prevent the raider activities and protect the rights and interests of legitimate owners. Ukraine also does not stand apart in the issue […]

Ukraine’s Banking System and Banking Regulation

Banking systems different countries are their circulatory system in fact, because ensuring the movement of funds and serve the needs of the real and financial sectors of the economy. Many foreign companies and businessmen are interested in working in Ukraine, and the information about the banking system of Ukraine may be interesting for them. Banking […]

The Way to the European Standards: Ukraine Improves Work of Small and Medium Business

Ukrainian officials in cooperation with European structures somehow have an access to regulatory documents, standards, rules and procedures of the EU and want to implement such rules and standards to the domestic Ukrainian law. Recent projects of changes in legislation concern primarily small and medium business, as this business actively uses organizational and legal forms […]

Innovations of Ukrainian Law on Protection of Minority Owners of Corporate Rights

For all people who have run business in Ukraine, it is not a secret that minority owners of corporate rights (shareholders, members of business partnerships) have very few effective tools to protect their rights. The absence of such legal instruments has resulted in numerous cases of companies or majority shareholders abuse by the governing bodies […]

Business Acquisition by Foreign in Ukraine: Basic Errors

Business acquisition is a complex and long process that can confound even the most experienced businesspersons, because different business aspects, legal aspects, and human factors are important. The process of business acquisition in another country is of particular difficulty. This article describes the major errors / omissions in business acquisition in Ukraine, although, of course, […]

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