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Attractive and reliable investments in Ukrainian financial sector for foreigners

Ukraine is a democratic country with European values. Many foreign investors have considered Ukraine as a growth market in different business fields. Although on the world stage Ukraine is positioned as a high risk country, there are many possibilities of high returns on investments.

Despite the news reports about the political and economic instability in Ukraine, banking remains one of the most engaging areas in any growing economy. It’s probably the most proceeding sector in Ukrainian economy. This investment proposition is among the preferences.

Since 2006, Ukraine’s banking market has been roughly transformed. European banks began to buy Ukrainian banks one after another. Capital inflow from Europe brought new standards of corporate governance to Ukrainian banks and improved their customer service. Nowadays, modern retail banking technologies and superior client service practices are proposed in Ukrainian banks. Moreover, most Ukrainian banks with foreign capital have transparent rules in management sector as they are public companies and accountable to their European parent banks.

No matter from what country you are, there are comparable banks such as PrivatBank, Prominvestbank and Unicredit Bank Ukraine which can offer you to raise capital from deposit with 7 -11% saving rates in US dollar and Euro. Furthermore, a non-resident can easily allocate deposit according to appropriate procedures. However, if you have made decision to allocate deposit in Ukrainian bank, beneficial sum to start is 30000 US dollar or Euro in order to cover complementary expenses on legal maintenance.

To protect and multiply your assets in foreign country, it is critical to find the right delegate. As like in any country, there are its laws and resolutions concerning foreign direct investments. It is significant to notice that Ukrainian legal system demand special conditions for foreign investors to generate business activity.

Our company Kydalov & Partners provides juridical support for foreign colleagues to implement equal and profitable banking projects in Ukraine. We has deep experience in banking sector and we will help you to assess banking offers and to choose willing deposit programmes that produce high-income. Thus, your deposit will be under control and governed by our company’s representative to provide sustainable rapid growth of your assets.

In general, many investments opportunities exist in Ukraine. Furthermore, foreign investors have the same rights to invest in Ukraine as domestic investors. Great investment capacity could be obtained through professional and trustworthy relationship between depositor and banking institution.

Author: Kydalov Igor

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