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Services for individuals

Legal advice

Contract law

Presentation at Court

Inheritance, family law and division of property

Legal support and representation in the criminal proceeding, advice on criminal law


Legal advice

We provide expert advice on any legal issues as well as recommendations regarding the optimal mechanism and procedures to protect rights and interests, particularly in matters of civil, administrative, labor, family and inheritance law in Ukraine, and so on.

We conduct assessment of the prospects of extra-judicial and judicial protection of rights and interests and provide practical advice based on the current legislation of.

We offer free on-lіne support for regular customers, including support by telephone, thus our customer shall get a “family lawyer”, who he/she shall confidentially discuss a problem encountered with and get practical and useful advice.


Contract law

In the field of contract law our clients are provided with the following services:

  • drawing up of various civil law contracts, discussion and agreement on their terms with contractors;
  • legal audit of contracts;
  • advise on the modalities to ensure fulfillment of obligations;
  • settlement of differences and disputes that arise during the execution of contracts;
  • minimization of losses in case of termination of the contract;
  • making claims related to the failure to meet conditions of the contract (deal);
  • dissolution of contract in the courts.

Legal assistance to individuals in the field of contract law includes a wide range of agreements with various contractors, in particular out of the relations that follow from: purchase and sale agreements, rental agreements (employment contracts), contractor’s agreements (rendering of services), gift agreements, pledge agreements, contracts of guarantee, contracts of indemnity, life estate agreements etc.


 Presentation at Court

We represent the interests in civil cases, cases of administrative offenses, in the court of arbitration of any issues of

civil and administrative

law of Ukraine. We participate in the judicial process and provide representation at any stage of the trial, which includes both the development of an overall strategy of trial and direct participation in court hearings and drafting of legal documents (complaints, objections, motions, petitions, complaints, etc .) in civil, labor and family disputes, etc..

We provide advice on strategy and tactics of participation in the litigation, “acceleration”, “slowdown” of consideration of a case, using the opportunities provided by procedural law. In addition, we provide legal support at the stage of enforcement of judicial decisions, as it is at the very stage of execution of judicial decisions by enforcement the greatest number of complications and delays occurs.


Inheritance, family law and division of property

The most common appeals from individuals, as well as citizens and non-residents of Ukraine, are related the issues of

family law and inheritance

in Ukraine. Each of these areas of law has its own specific features and aspects, without knowledge of which it is difficult to resolve the legal situation.

The process of inheritance is often associated with difficulties, which is both a consequence of the lack of knowledge of all laws, rules and regulations, which are used in case of inheritance, and the deliberate counteraction of other parties in interest. In most cases, even the fact of receiving or need to obtain an inheritance becomes a continuous surprise for an individual. The result of this state of affairs is the need to get into various property disputes and lengthy judicial red tape, which lasts for years. Also, sometimes there are situations when the heir is unlawfully deprived of the inheritance, etc., and therefore only reference to a court in a timely manner will correct these negative situations in favor of a client. We help customers simplify the process of inheritance, and minimize the time of this procedure.

The Family Law in Ukraine, in contrast to the inheritance includes a significant amount of issues such as marriage, divorce, parental rights, termination of parental rights, child support, maintenance costs, property division, etc. Such disputes are very difficult, because it touched a lot of personal questions, and clients often take a hard-line stance dispute, for example, than in property disputes. That’s why in many cases the involvement of outside lawyers by former spouse in the negotiation process allows to find a compromise position that former spouses alone cannot achieve because of certain subjective aspects. It is especially difficult for everybody to take part  in the

divorce process in Ukraine

, if one spouse is a non-resident, because in addition to legal issues it overlap the mentality of one of the spouses (non-resident). We propose to assist in the disputes resolve in the court (mediation) and support such cases in the court.

We would like to be our Client attentive if they wish to avoid many unpleasant moments, related to property claims of the spouses, and who are interested in guarantees to preserve their property rights in the event of divorce to such way of protection of rights and interests as marriage contracts. The marriage contract, except for the property, may regulate other non-property relations that relate to the rights and responsibilities of the spouses, etc., which may also prevent certain conflicts in the family. In some cases only the marriage contracts can relieve stress aspects of the perception of the spouses by parents and relatives, avoid accusations and offences. It is possible to conclude a marriage contract before marriage or after its registration.

The presence of a marriage contract, if it consists of an agreement of the spouses with respect to the order of resolution of some issues as well as greatly simplifies and shortens the divorce procedure. For example, if one spouse is a nonresident parties may be provided in the marriage contract as the law applicable to the regulation of relations, for example, and the jurisdiction of cases divorce in Kiev, if the spouse-Ukrainian lives in any other region and the foreign spouse does not want to “travel” in Ukraine in search of the court. This variant (divorce trial in the court in Kiev) will also allow interested spouse to find a lawyer to protect the rights, because the choice of lawyers in Kiev is rather large. In any case, the solution of issues related to

family law and inheritance

in Ukraine, it is better to carry out with the assistance of qualified and experienced lawyers, whose participation in the trial will avoid many mistakes.


Legal support and representation in the criminal proceeding, advice on criminal law

For one reason or another and not always in accordance with law, the citizens, most often respectable, are subject to prosecution by the state. Often, because of the lack of legal knowledge, the citizens contribute to the fact to come into the view of law enforcement agencies.

Because of the low skills of the agencies of inquiry and pretrial investigation, the citizens involved in criminal proceedings as witnesses, experience illegal pressure from these bodies with the view to obtaining evidence and testimony beneficial for these agencies.

Moreover, in recent years we have had a situation, given the weakness of criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine, when the victims appear to be in worse legal position than the criminals.

We provide legal assistance and protection of the interests of the applicant, victims, witnesses, civil plaintiff, which includes:

  • protection of the interests of parties to the proceedings at the stage of pre-trial inquiry and trial, including during the investigation action with the participation of a client (interrogation, confrontation, etc.);
  • preparing and filing applications, petitions;
  • appeal against decisions to refuse to open or close the criminal case;
  • appeal against unlawful actions and inactivity of the agencies of inquiry and pretrial investigation;
  • studying negative materials and materials of a criminal case (at appropriate stages of criminal proceedings);
  • any advice on issues that arise during the investigation;
  • any advice on issues that may have the effect of bringing the individuals to criminal responsibility;


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