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Should We Expect Immigration of Turkish Citizens, and will Ukraine be Interesting for this Purpose?

Recent events in Turkey have not caused a wave of information in the world press as recent terrorist attacks have, even though the number of dead people as a result of attempts or simulates, according to others, of a coup has risen beyond 300 people. This is not surprising, because, to be honest, for the Europeans the terrorist attack in “Charlie Hebdo” with dozens of victims was “closer” than a few terrorist attacks, which happened in Turkey in the same 2015, with dozens of casualties in each.

However, the events of the weekend, 16-17 June 2016, may have some different consequences. The main reason is that Turkish society can be divided into several camps: the supporters and opponents of Turkish President Erdogan. Many Western analysts have voiced the opinion that the ruling regime in Turkey will be even more authoritarian, will limit freedom more severely, the regime will become increasingly marginalized to meet the requirements of street people, etc. There is no approval of many experts and politicians of illegal immigration blackmail of Europe. Knowing the nature of the current president, and especially after his statements about a possible return in the judicial practice of the death penalty in Turkey, his opponents and those who profess opposition view may be afraid for their freedom, life and business and may consider immigration from the country.

Where could Turks immigrate? The answers are not so numerous. It is unlikely that many Turks will immigrate to Muslim countries, because the level of freedom there does not reach even modern-day Turkey. Immigration to the EU has its own problems, especially after the problems with refugees from Syria. Even business immigration to the EU does not look so attractive for the middle class, because the cost of living is much higher in the EU, and it is difficult to maintain a competitive business in Europe. Russia also does not look too attractive in view of the events of the last two years and outright xenophobia, which Russian authorities openly showed after an incident with the crashed Russian Air Force Su-24 aircraft in November 24, 2015. There is one more potential country for temporary or permanent immigration – Ukraine.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to call Ukraine a prosperous country now. But the essence of changes brings a positive direction. The mentality of business in Ukraine will be clear and familiar to the Turks, because, as in Turkey, in business, there is extremely high level of informal relations, contacts and links. The cost of living in Ukraine is low enough, logistic capabilities, particularly in major cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv, are also very good. Ukrainians are also highly tolerant to Turks and consider Turkey as an ally in the conflict with Russia.

Thinking about the immigration of Turkish citizens to Ukraine, it should be understood that for economically active people temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine is enough, it is not necessary to give up Turkish citizenship and acquire Ukrainian citizenship, ie, they can continue using all the advantages of their Turkish citizenship while traveling, etc . Perhaps many Turkish businesspersons will consider Ukraine as a springboard for the withdrawal of their business from Russia, which is deliberately destroyed there by authorities. In any case, withdrawal of assets in an adjacent country will be cheaper than in Turkey.

This article only opens the field for discussion and opinions. In any way, an immigration decision is not a decision that is taken quickly. But if such thoughts come to mind, why not discuss them with a lawyer, in this case, with a lawyer from Ukraine?

Author: Kydalov Igor

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by Muzamal Ali on Kydalov & Partners

I think, Ukraine should lift the economy to be atractive for economic active people from Turkey

by Gavril on Kydalov & Partners

Islamic immigration to Europe has not been a positive in any way, shape or form. Turks have committed a high percentage of crime and are vastly over represented on the welfare rolls here in Germany. I sincerely pray your article is wrong.

Publication Date: 21.07.2016
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