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Marriage with Ukrainian Citizens

Nowadays, many people move to Ukraine to marry with Ukrainian citizens. A foreigner who married a person who lives in Ukraine will face a number of challenges before and after the registration of a marriage. This is not about difference between mindsets and some special culture features: in this article we will consider Ukrainian law features and different law problems related to marriage.

Key point is a place of marriage to be registered. Ukraine admits legality of marriage contracted in other countries between citizens of different countries. If you contract a marriage with a Ukrainian citizen, your marriage has only to correspond to Ukrainian Domestic Relations Code.

Different dating agencies work in Ukraine. Their policy is to find a future mate who will meet a foreign client’s interests. If you decide to employ dating agency service, you should be careful as some agencies are completely unfair and can try to deceive their clients. So you should check potential partner offered to you by dating agency because he can cause different problems in future. Some unfair people looking for their mate can hunt only for your money by making a petition for divorce and acquiring part of your “marital property” soon after marriage. Probably, you should turn to lawyers, who can help you. If you are looking for a partner to live the whole life with, you will agree that it would be better to reinsure to have no regrets later.

Another point is about acquiring Ukrainian citizenship. If you decide to stay in Ukraine after contracting marriage, you have to prepare a lot of documents and to keep many rules and conditions which confirm your rights to acquire Ukrainian citizenship. Migration is a hard process with many different stages, which may take a lot of time to deal with. Many law firms provide consultations for future Ukrainian citizens. They can help you to deal with legislation features, count your chances to acquire citizenship and prepare all necessary documents. Also, they can help you to obtain an approval for a loan.

Solving material questions you can choose legislation of which country you will choose to solve them. If you are already married to a Ukrainian citizen, being a citizen of another country, you can enter into a formal agreement. Then, your family will obey the law of chosen country in solving material problems. This kind of service is popular in Ukraine and every law firm can help you in reassurance of this agreement.

Reading laws or different internet forums won’t help you much. There are many niceties in marriage between Ukrainian citizens. So you can just imagine how many nuances will happen in case of marriage between Ukrainian citizen and a foreigner. For example, if your family lives in Ukraine after marriage, you will have to obey Ukrainian marriage legislation even if you are a citizen of other country. But in cases of birth and upbringing a child establishment and termination of paternity or the rights and duties of parents are determined by child personal law.

If you have some questions related to marriage or divorcement, you can always ask Ukrainian lawyers for a consultation. You don’t have to solve your problem alone as it will be much wiser to ask professionals.

Author: Bovan Kateryna

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