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How to Travel Abroad with Children from Ukraine

International marriages are not unusual. Many Ukrainians marriage foreigners and have children in such marriages. So, sometimes there is a need to travel with children abroad in such international couples. Circumstances for such trips can be different: it is a vacation trip, or, in case of the existence of international marriage, it is the need to move a child to the parents and relatives in another country, etc. Also, Ukrainian spouses may decide to move abroad for their professional development or in order to get a better paid job and, therefore, they may be asked to travel abroad with their children.
If you belong to these groups, you should pay attention to the novel in the legislation in order arrange the documents properly and not to waste time and nerves on the border control. First of all, we should note that from April 01, 2015, the Resolution of the Cabinet “On approval of rules for processing and issuing passports of Ukrainian citizens travel abroad and travel document the child, their temporary detention and seizures” № 231 from March 31, 1995 is invalid. So, if you took care of it in advance, and the documents were ready for the date of April 01, 2015, do not worry. But if you decided to go abroad later, you have to pay attention to the validity of the child’s documents, and a situation with the denial of travel abroad will not be a surprise.
So, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a new procedure for registration of Ukrainian passports for travelling abroad and a new model of it through the Resolution “On approval of the sample form, the technical description, and the order of registration, issuance, exchange, delivery, recovery, return to the state, destruction of the passport of citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, his temporary detention and seizure “№152 from July 05, 2014. According to it, both adults and children will make travel documents of a single sample. The child’s travel documents of old form from the date of April 01, 2015 are not issued, but they are still valid. They will be valid next 3 years. In addition, it is not possible to inscribe a child into the passport of one of the parent, now everyone who travels to another country must have its own foreign identification document.
When you obtain a passport for the child to travel abroad, you must submit following documents:
– application form (filled with one of the parents, and if parents are not married – by those with whom the child lives);
– Ukrainian passport (for children from 16 years);
– birth certificate (for children under the age of 16 years);
– documents confirming the fee established by the legislation, or the original and a copy of the exemption from such payment;
– disclaimer for entering information (including digital fingerprints) on the contactless electronic media (if necessary). If the passport is issued for a child who is under age of 16, such a statement serves by the parents (if the parents are not married – those with whom a child lives), adoptive parents, guardians or other representatives. A statement from the second parent is not required if he/she is a foreigner or a person without citizenship;
– in the case of an issuing the passport for a child under the age of 12, it may be submitted two color photographs sized 3,5×4,5 cm and one photo 10×15 cm to make a face image by scanning.
If the child lives with one parent, he/she must provide an additional document:
– the death certificate of the other parent;
– the court decision for the deprivation of parental rights of the other parent;
– the court decision on the other parent missing recognition;
– the court decision on the second parent incapacitated recognition;
– document about the registration of residence of the child, who lives with one parent who submits an application form;
– extraction from the State Register civil birth with details about the father, in accordance with Part 1 Statement 135 Family Code of Ukraine (according to the mother’s words).
It is worth mentioning that in accordance with the Resolution “On approval of the sample form, the technical description and the order of registration, issuance, exchange, delivery, recovery, return to the state, destruction of the passport of citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, his temporary detention and seizure” №152 from July 05, 2014, a child under the age of 16 does not need to obtain tax identity number for obtaining the passport of the new sample.
To sum up, we emphasize once again that the travel documents issued previously for the children will be valid till 2017. Only after 2017 it is planned to be transited to biometric travel documents. If you have not made such documents before or the validity period has finished, you must make new travel document for a child.

Author: Kichuk Victoria

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by Helga on Kydalov & Partners

At this moment this article is very useful for me and my family. We're going to get a passport for the child to travel abroad. Аftеr reviewing the article we now know the full list of required documents. Thank you

by Irene on Kydalov & Partners

This year we are going to travel with children abroad. I have heard about biometric travel documents but I thought that the old documents would be valid after 2017. Informative and useful article!

by Peter D. on Kydalov & Partners

yeah, it is real easy to prepare documents for child for travel abroad but you must have a time for lazy ukrainian clerks))) or money for lawyer which will make all things itself)))

Publication Date: 05.10.2015
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