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New opportunities to earn: passive profit in Ukraine

It is not a secret that in different countries the cost, availability and profitability of financial resources placement are vary considerably. This situation allows not to have large, but stable and guaranteed profit to any entrepreneur.

So in economically developed countries, the cost of financial resources is 4-5% per year (EUR, USD). At the same time, in some other countries, including Ukraine, there is the ability to place available funds in these currencies at 9-10% per year. These reliable tools are the term deposits in rating of Ukrainian banks.

Certainly the income of 4-5% annually doesn’t seem so big and attractive by someone. Indeed, the investment can get a much higher profit. However, every investment takes time of the investor because it is needed to select investment projects, evaluate them, etc. Also there is a certain percentage of the risk. However, if the investment is not a core business for a person, that person has free cash and wants to earn extra profit and does not want to find new areas and facilities for investment, the placement of available free cash in Ukrainian banks will be profitable and sensible solution.

There are specific features of the placement procedures of free cash in Ukrainian banks for non-residents that complicate the procedure. However it is possible to enlist the support and legal support of lawyers, who will select the best option of the placement taking into account the requirements of the client: the terms, the guarantee of profitability, the opportunities of the prompt refund placements, etc.

In this exact case, we want to note that the placement of available free cash in Ukrainian banks is accessible not only to large depositors. According to the current practice, the investment of available funds in the amount of 200 thousand U.S. dollars will be profitable. It is economically inefficient to place smaller amounts, because all profits will cover the legal procedures and the cost of legal services. The upper limit of the sums that may be placed in Ukrainian banks is virtually unlimited.

Thus, we can sum up that the investor or person who has free cash in Ukraine, can find good source of additional profit with an acceptable level of the risk, and high safeguards. If it is interesting for you but you do not know how to start – contact us for advice now.

Author: Kydalov Igor

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