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Love on-line/off-line

Phrase “We met on the internet” more often replaces the familiar “Our friends have acquainted us”, “or” We met at work.” Growing circulation of the Internet space absorbs real life. The simple human emotions such as love, friendship, hate, joy are not exceptions: All these we carry on “our” pages in personal diaries, blogs or social networks. And it seems so good: technical progress, simplified methods of communication, easy getting of all kinds of information, meeting new people with no state or language borders. So in the depths of our life it happens that at one moment the man – foreigner finds beauty-Slav. Then one thing led to another, a few sleepless nights at the computer and she is ready to leave her native country and come to the foreign land to her sweetheart But there is one thing: the realities of life in Ukraine are so special (for example wide- known poverty of residents), That’s why all costs for such trips must be covered only by the receiving side – a foreigner. After all what could be easier for a foreigner to send a particular amount for the ticket of his beloved and make shorter the long-waited moment of the meeting? And here is where the fun begins: the money is sent by bank transfer, obtained by Ukrainian girl, a man is in anticipation of the arriving lady, but then she suddenly disappears (she is no longer responding to messages, phone calls, and even turns off the phone). Of course, only after several days of unsuccessful efforts to contact her man realizes that he is simply used, but rather used his wallet and naivety.

This situation is typical for our country and other countries of the former Soviet Union for several years, but the paradox is that foreigners still fall for the tricks of the so-called “beauty- swindler.” And why not: the police often does not respond to the statements of foreign citizens in similar situations, considering it a “civil dispute” and that finishes the criminal investigation. Although, if you dig a little deeper, even a seemingly hopeless situation can be solved by legal means. In accordance with Article 1212 of the Civil Code, a person who acquired the property or keep it on the account of another person (the victim) without a sufficient legal basis is required to return the property to the victim. Besides person is required to return the property even when the ground on which it was acquired has disappeared.

An important issue is the fact of confirmation of money transfer by foreigner and that the lady is a real one, not a “ghost” with a fake passport which is also common in post-Soviet surrounding. That is quite possible in accordance with the legal provisions to apply to the girl with a written demand to return the money and then file a suit in the court. Certainly you need to take into consideration the fact that she could spend that money or simply she could have no property to enforce the judgment.

In any case the choice of the solution of the problem depends only on the victim or constitutes themselves as a part.

Author: Kydalov Igor

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